Placement is determined by strength and level of technique


Pre-K Dance: Ages 3-4
Pre-Ballet: Ages 5-6
Beginner Ballet: Ages 7-9
Ballet A: Advanced Beginner
Ballet B: Beginner Intermediate
Ballet C: Intermediate
Ballet D: Advanced Intermediate
Ballet E: Advanced

Strength and Conditioning

Jumps and Turns

By Invitation only


Pas De Deux


Pointe Guidelines and Safety regulations
Both pre-pointe and Pointe classes are by invitation only
Pre-Pointe: Must study a minimum of 2 Ballet Classes weekly
Pointe: Must study a minimum of 3 Ballet Classes weekly

Students should not attend Pointe class without properly warming up in Ballet technique class first.

Training Recommendations:
While each student has different goals, it is important to realize that the body requires proper repetition to install a motor program (muscle memory). In order to produce growth and see improvement in ones dancing, a formula should be followed.
Please note, these are recommendations only. Multiple classes weekly are not required only encouraged.

Pre-K, Pre-Ballet and Beginner Ballet: Are encouraged to take only one class weekly to help maintain interest.

Ballet A: is encouraged to attend 2 ballet classes weekly.
Ballet B: is encouraged to attend 3 to 4 ballet classes weekly with an added strength and conditioning class.
Ballet C,D and E: Should discuss ones goals and plans with Ms. Tew and their teachers to create a formula the best suits them.

A pre-professional program has been designed to accommodate those looking to achieve a higher level of training. (See below)


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